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An Explanation of a Product
KORT NOZZLE is a circular product enclosed by spiral propeller whose longitudinal sections are like an airfoil and which adheres to body of a ship. It has good performance in that it increases static towing force in the state of moorage, and is being utilized in heavy propellers such as tugs as it can increase towing force by from 30 to 40 percent despite the same power. However, as the performance improved drastically, it is being used as a optical system and design in many types of vessels. We PARKER ENGINEERING CO. are able to produce all of the KORT NOZZLES that carry both small boat and a large vessel and their quality is very outstanding.

Characteristics of a Product
1. Efficient Design
2. Saving Fuel
3. Increasing Towing Force
4. Increasing Thrust and Speed
5. Protecting a Propeller
6. Decreasing Vibrations

Details of a Product
In Preparation...

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